Owl Women’s Biker Motorcycle Leather Jacket

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Women’s Handmade Owl accessories Biker Motorcycle Style Leather Jacket

  • Premium Quality Real Leather
  • Left Arm and Back side Hand Made Owl accessories 100%
  • Tailored fit style (Between Slim & Regular fit)
  • Ribb on the cuffs
  • Internal front zipper pockets
  • Fully Polyester lining for comfort
  • Smooth clean stitching throughout
  • Professionally cut & stitched
  • YKK Zip Fastening
  • Suitable for all seasons

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L, M, S, XL, XS

10 reviews for Owl Women’s Biker Motorcycle Leather Jacket

  1. Pigu

    Gifted it to my girlfriend she loves it.

  2. Andarsh

    High quality material.nice product

  3. 楚巴巴

    买皮衣无非几个就那么几个国家的好 但论性价比就土耳其了

  4. 喵喵 喵

    我们是去的土耳其实体店 皮衣秀挺有意思的 皮衣我没买 唯独试过这一件 团里买的挺多的

  5. Chichi

    The people at the store were very helpful making sure that I bought the right size coat… It arrived immediately, it was just as pictured, and it fits perfectly. The coat is beautiful.

  6. 海瑶

    皮衣风格独特 很喜欢这个猫头鹰 皮质也很好

  7. Alice

    欧洲游还好没有买皮衣 要不就悔青肠子了 要买皮衣就土耳其了 我妈气我不多买几件 回头在官网看的这个价格也太可怕了

  8. 酷酷里

    很有范的感觉 就喜欢与众不同 至于价格 感谢团里阿姨们执着的坚持

  9. lucky 刘

    这次跟团来的美女们都是喜欢买的 尤其是在皮衣店 土耳其的皮衣的确是名不虚传 猫头鹰是我的幸运鸟 希望带来好运

  10. 甜甜

    去意大利买过同款的我 来土耳其就哭了 这里价钱便宜一半多 心痛啊 赶紧又败了一件基础款平衡一下

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